MNHITAbout Missouri Nursing Home Insurance Trust

Missouri Nursing Home Insurance Trust (MNHIT) was created to provide qualified Missouri licensed nursing homes and related facilities with low-cost, professionally administered workers’ compensation self-insurance.

Our Mission

MNHIT’s mission, philosophy, and guiding principle is to provide an alternative to the traditional insurance market for workers’ compensation coverage which delivers quality, customized services at a reduced cost.

…And, the money saved can be yours!!

Why Choose MNHIT’s Self-Funded Workers’ Compensation

  • Missouri Nursing Home Insurance Trust (MNHIT) was granted authority to self-insure in 1988 and represents a significant number of nursing homes in the State of Missouri.
  • MNHIT returns profits normally paid to the insurance companies through credits.
  • MNHIT members gain control over the critical program elements that drive up the cost of work comp…loss prevention and claims management.
  • MNHIT members are freed from the fluctuation of pricing in the traditional insurance market.
  • MNHIT members are the actual owners of the Trust, not just a premium payer.
  • The Board of Trustees, made up of participants, oversees all activities of the Trust.
  • When you become a member/owner, you have voting rights and share in the savings.

The ultimate advantage? - A stable, cost-effective, member-owned self-insurance environment.

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