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MNHIT provides Workers' Compensation with Statutory limits on a self-insured basis. The profits normally captured by the insurance carrier are captured by the membership. Please contact us for details. We have partnered contractually with Maxim Insurance Solutions, LC to provide all our administrative and risk management services. Through this relationship, MNHIT members receive the following Loss Control Services at no additional cost:

  • On-site risk analysis
  • OSHA Consulting (including "mock" OSHA inspections)
  • Supervisor Safety Training
  • Webinars and Video Conferencing
  • Safety Program Design and Implementation
  • On-site Training and In-services
  • Safety Videos/Posters and Written Material
  • Loss Run Analysis and other Risk Management Services

This list is not all-inclusive but it does provide a sample of the types of additional services provided.


Our goal is to prevent accidents so that your costs are low and return of surplus is high. Insurance Trust Members share in the risks as well as the rewards through joint and several liability. This exposure is minimized through management of claims, providing extensive loss control, and by purchasing both specific and aggregate reinsurance to protect the membership from catastrophic loss.

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